Katy and Betty and Gerry’s excellent adventure

Posted on October 6, 2009


It was one of those rainy fall days that makes a person long for something to do besides work. Katy Newman to the rescue. She, too, had missed the Midener/Beeby opening and the treats. Her solution was to scoop up Betty and me and hare off to lunch at the Front Porch in Ellsworth on our way to the Jordan River Arts Council.

As we walked into the restaurant a woman at the center table beamed and said “You’re Betty Beeby!” Betty allowed as how she was. “I’ve wanted to meet you for ages,” said the fan. “You’re on my bucket list!” And that’s how it was, all afternoon.

After an excellent lunch we went to the gallery, where we were greeted by docent Pam Gnodtke. “Oh!” said Pam. “I’ve just been reading your book.” (That is always the best thing to say to an author.) We had a good long look at the exhibit and Katy and I got Betty to tell us stories. Other visitors came and went, getting Betty’s autograph. Then there was a photo opportunity.


Pam Gnodtke, John Stevens and Katy Newman all played papparazzi and I captured them capturing Betty, all of us documenting the gift of her painting, Greensky Church, to JRAC for its collection.

Betty's donation

There was a lot more, including a show on the lower level by Artists Gathering participants, but I had a big day and I’m going to sleep now.