Eating crow. Muskie anyway.

Posted on October 3, 2009


A long time ago (Sounds Fishy to Me) I staked out a position on muskies. I told you there weren’t any of ’em in Torch Lake. I said you should count on catching whitefish, perch, bass, lake trout – no muskies.  Well.

When I am wrong I am spectacularly wrong. But at least I admit my enormous, muskie-sized mistakes.  On Sunday Kyle Anderson of Rapid City caught a muskie in the Torch River, the same Torch River that flows south from Torch Lake, the same Torch River where I was peacefully canoeing just this summer. Not just any muskie, either—a state record muskie. It weighed 50 lbs. 8 oz. and was 55 inches long. 

So what does Kyle, who works at Luhr’s Landing, have to say about this feat?  Well, he’s enjoying it.  Most of the muskies he catches are a lot smaller than that.  Only about half of ’em are bigger than 36 inches.  Wait, wait – he regularly catches muskies?  What with all the time I’m going to have to spend catching a crow to eat, I do not have time to go over to Rapid City today to take pictures, but you can see Kyle and his fish here:

  • The Detroit Free Press: Rapid City angler catches record muskie wherein we learn that the DNR fisheries division has known about this monster since last spring, when biologists brought it up in a net during a tagging operation on Torch Lake. And did they warn us?  They did not.  That settles it.  From now on when I go kayaking in Torch Lake I’m bringing my trusty Muskinator pistol, and leaving Miss Sadie and the Cowboy at home.
  • Field & Stream: New Michigan state record Great Lakes muskie caught in Torch Lake, near Traverse City. (Near Traverse City? Sheesh.  Plus I’m pretty sure he actually caught it in the Torch River.)  There’s a whole gallery of David Rose’s photos of Kyle and The Muskie, along with a whole lot of disputatious comments.  You can amuse yourself reading those, but I am firmly on the side of the “it’s real” contingent. 
  • This week’s Elk Rapids News but you’ll have to look on page 23 of the paper version, because I can’t give you a link to the photo online.

I’m going to go look for recipes for crow pie.  Or maybe muskie pie.