Poets and painters and sculptors, oh my – and you are there

Posted on October 4, 2009


Big doings this weekend.  The new show over at the Jordan River Arts Council opened today, and Babs was there.  Thanks to her photos, you were, too.  I know, I know, it’s not the same as being in the gallery, where there were lovely treats.  I wasn’t there, either, as I had to work at the day job.  We can go see the Walter Midener sculptures and the Betty Beeby paintings anytime through November 6, but we’ll have to arrange our own treats. 

Midener-Beeby show 1

For those of you who are from Away, the woman in royal blue is Betty Beeby herownself.  Above, Betty is accompanied by her daughter Josie and son-in-law Roy Ellison.  Now pay attention.  Roy’s father was poet Max Ellison, and Max was Terry Wooten’s mentor and the inspiration for Stone Circle.  You see what an extraordinarily creative little Township we are.

In the photo below, Betty is chatting with Peggy Midener, Nancy Carey, and a Mysterious Woman in Red.  Peggy (long red scarf) is Walter Midener’s widow.  She, too, is an artist and her constructions are very absorbing.  Someday I’ll have to show you some of them.  In fact I’d like to show you the temple in her back yard, too.  Nancy (back to the camera) is secretary of the Board of Directors of JRAC.   In the background, in his trademark vest and poet hat, is Terry Wooten.  He and Betty were signing copies of A Book of Hours during the reception.

Midener-Beeby show 2

Many of the pieces on display are in private collections. This is a rare opportunity to see them. And there’s a bonus. Work created during the Artists Gatherings this summer is exhibited in the lower level. Give me a call–we’ll go to the show and stop for treats on the way home.