Ah, summer we barely knew ye

Posted on September 30, 2009


We didn’t get much of it.  But what we got was lovely. 

Still summer - beach

The water glittered in the sun the other morning when I walked the dogs.   The sky was so blue, the clouds so puffy and high, the pines so fragrant, that my heart lifted.

Still summer - trees

The waves on the Bay rolled in, over and over, clear as blue glass. New sand washed ashore, making the widest beach we’ve had all summer.

Still summer - waves

But no children will come to play with tiny shovels and plastic pails. The Disreputable Duo and I have the beach to ourselves again. Last night I built the first fire of the season. Tonight we expect a hard freeze.  I have no good reason for showing you these photos except that I am deep in piles of references and quantities of links to Civil War materials and can’t get my head far enough out of it to write about anything else.  Be patient.  Go for a little walk on the beach while you can.  Listen to the waves.  I’ll be back.