Lures and Legends added to Matt and Lisa’s puzzle empire

Posted on September 16, 2009


I love fishing lures. Comes of hanging out at Amanda Campbell’s father’s bait shop in Rhinelander a hundred years ago. So when Chris Szejbach showed me a picture of the newest puzzle from Puzzles that Rock, I was hooked.  

lures and legends

Lures and Legends will be on sale at Sonny’s Torch Lake Market and other fine emporia of the North Country within the week, and Chris promised to save me one. Who would think of a fishing lure puzzle for heaven’s sake? 

Matt and Lisa Claflin, that’s who. Lisa is Chris and Sonny’s daughter. Matt is her fisherman husband. Together they are the founders of Puzzles that Rock, where their first release, the Rising Sun Petoskey stone puzzle, was a smash hit. (I told you about that back in June, try to keep up.)  The new puzzle continues the Petoskey stone theme—several are scattered among the lures. 

Best of all, there’s a good story. Chris’s father, Tony Kelenske, was born on North Manitou Island in 1912. He was a great fisherman, and his wooden lures and bobbers were her treasures. About a year ago, she gave them to Matt. She knew her son-in-law would appreciate them, and the gift was one of those Important Family Moments.  “I did not give them lightly,” she said.  Now Tony Kelenske’s lures are immortalized in the puzzle, and Matt has made major points with his mother-in-law.  I love this stuff.