Eastport Landing and local summer

Posted on September 16, 2009


I continue to revel in what I’ve decided to call Local Summer: that golden time, right after the company goes home, when we kick off our shoes and relax.  On Tuesday I visited the tiny park at the north end of Torch Lake.  Its official name is most likely the DNR Eastport Torch Lake Access, but that doesn’t begin to describe it. 

Eastport Landing

There is a sandy beach (a rarity on Torch Lake) where residents have sunbathed and swum for a hundred years.  There is a long, long view down the lake.  There are wildflowers and plenty of trees.  

EP Landing beach

There is a boat launch.  Boat launches on Torch Lake are almost as rare as sandy beaches.  This one is about to have some maintenance.  Gravel and concrete panels are piled at the edge of the parking area.  Sue Rose, the DNR manager who oversees the Eastport site, says the plan is to replace the ramp this fall, probably this month.  That’s good to know, because this is a popular place for putting in a boat.

EP Landing panels

As I stood there basking in the sun and the view, Ray and Lisa Speck pulled in, hauling a cheery red and white boat and a good attitude.  They were headed out for a day of “lollygagging on the lake,” said Lisa, and they graciously allowed me to take pictures.

EP Landing - Ray and Lisa Speck

EP Landing - And away they go