Caught goosefooted at the end of a lingering spring

Posted on June 5, 2009


I am still behind on research and writing, but I thought I’d take a minute to show you the goosefoot maple that grows in Eden Shores. It is a shrubby sort of tree, distinguished by its goosefoot shaped leaves and the vertically striped bark of the saplings.  I think the blossoms are quite pretty, even though I suspect I’m allergic to the pollen. 

Goosefoot maple leaves

Goosefoot maple with blossoms

Goosefoot maple blossoms

Goosefoot maple stripe

This is what can happen to little dogs who are walking each other while I take pictures of goosefoot maples.

Caught goosefooted

Linking their leashes seemed like a good idea. Slowed them down anyway, as they were never able to agree on an escape route—until yesterday morning.  They took off in tandem and disappeared over a hill.  Miss Sadie reappeared in short order, by herself, looking smug. She had slipped her collar. We backtracked and saw the Cowboy, haring off for home dragging the leashes behind him. Miss Sadie’s collar is still missing, and I am rethinking the linked leashes arrangement.

This has been a long, cold spring, but the trilliums have decided it’s about over now. They’re fading to pink. Kathy Windiate has her new boat in the water over on the east side of Torch Lake. Can summer be far behind?  I think not.

ES - Trillium fading to pink