Fresh, local food is coming in

Posted on June 6, 2009


Although it has been “unseasonably cool” there’s asparagus at King’s and Bolt’s, and over at Providence Farm Andrea and Ryan Romeyn are getting ready for the first CSA pickups of the year.  Andrea writes:

Even with our cool spring, the gardens look wonderful . . . . We are starting . . .  the week of June 14th.  Due to a cold spring and starting a week earlier than last year, baskets may be lighter than usual in the beginning, but everything grows well with the warmth we will be getting, so things should pick up as it warms up!

IF YOU WANT TO VOLUNTEER, Ryan and I would love to hear from you!  We especially need volunteers on Tuesday and Fridays to help with harvest for CSA.  But we will take anyone, anytime.  Just call us ahead so that we can plan on you.  231-599-2020.

The Romeyns still have some CSA shares available. One interesting change this year is that shareholders can buy extra produce for pickup at the farm. (Love the peas? Want to can tomatoes or freeze beans?)

And wait—there’s more.  Both the Eastport Market and Sonny’s Torch Lake Market have had good fresh fish from good fresh northern Michigan waters.  Lessee . . . fresh walleye or lake trout, killer asparagus . . . I don’t see how you can go wrong.  And wait again!  Think about the honey those bees are making from all that apricot and cherry and nectarine nectar they’ve been into.  And wait yet again!  I’ll bet the Fresh Eggs sign is out at the McAuliffs.  I better go look. 

While you’re waiting, here’s something pretty for you to look at, and another thought: You can harvest edible flowers from your own pansy patch!  Now that is local! Note the attractive garnish on the hoummus at the Garden Cafe.  (Um, the serving was considerably larger but I sampled it before it occurred to me to photograph it for you.)

Pansy on hummus

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