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Wordless Wednesday: Spring!

April 20, 2016


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I say spring arrived on May 18

June 3, 2014


It certainly wasn’t very springlike on May 2, when it snowed.  The snow melted practically as fast as it landed, but that was probably because I threatened it with a welding torch.  It wasn’t very springlike on May 5, when plenty of ice bobbed about in the Bay.  It wasn’t even our ice.  It was the ice from […]

Spring flowers and shooting stars

April 21, 2012


So off we went on our late afternoon walk. I wanted to see if the trilliums had opened, and I wanted to take some pictures with the little old blind camera. In spite of its useless display, I am fond of that camera. There is something freeing about using the viewfinder to frame the shot and hoping for the best.

TLV Sunday Morning

May 15, 2011


It’s good to wake up to sunshine flowing in the windows. The Duo knew it was going to be a good day. They just didn’t know whether the excellent walk or the excellent breakfast would come first. I stepped out on the deck to assess the situation. OK, I would definitely need a jacket, and, […]

Caught goosefooted at the end of a lingering spring

June 5, 2009


I am still behind on research and writing, but I thought I’d take a minute to show you the goosefoot maple that grows in Eden Shores. It is a shrubby sort of tree, distinguished by its goosefoot shaped leaves and the vertically striped bark of the saplings.  I think the blossoms are quite pretty, even […]

Letters from Katherine: Flow

May 16, 2009


There are trilliums and there are trilliums. Katherine writes: Gerry, Just sometimes color gets in the way. I mean, I love color but sometimes it’s just gottta be black and white. I think Katherine has a sort of Lauren Bacall sensibility. I can see her vamping Humphrey Bogart in lush, cinematic black and white and […]