Berging the Carp and Carving the Wolf. Must be the tail end of winter.

Posted on March 15, 2008


OK, it’s beginning to look to me as though people over in Leland have more fun than we do on this side of the Bay.  Go take a quick look at Berging the Carp and tell me that doesn’t look like fun.  It looks like fun. 

Howling WolfNow I know we find ways to amuse ourselves at the tail end of winter.  Daugherty Johnson, for example, sculpts snow with a front loader.  Well, I think it’s a front loader.  It sure as heck isn’t some little hand trowel.  This year he made a howling wolf and another howling wolf.  Here is a picture of the howling wolf.  I’m going to try to get you a better one from Daugherty, but this was the best I could do.  We’ve already established that I’m no Babs Young.

The other howling wolf melted a bit one day, and shed parts.  Undaunted, Daugherty turned it into a wolf and two cubs.  Or maybe a bear and two cubs, we’re not sure.  But the other wolf is definitely howling.  Asked how he does it, Daugherty explains that you just pile up the snow and pack it hard.  “Then you carve away everything that ain’t no wolf.”  Makes sense to me.  One year he built a complete dogsled team out on the ice of Torch Lake.  Now that would have been something to see.  All I have is this picture of a picture.
Mush - Daugherty Johnson’s sled dog teamI’m going to get a better one for you.  Just be patient.  But while you’re being patient, think about what we could do to compete with those Leland showoffs.  I’m positive we have at least as many eccentrics in Torch Lake Township, particularly in March.