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As the lake turns

February 26, 2016


Due to an error in judgment, I listened to various sound bites from last night’s “debate.”  At least I know better than to have a television.  When the din threatened to overwhelm me, I turned to contemplating the Great Lakes.  Collectively they are the largest body of fresh surface water in the world.  They are larger […]

Blowin’ in the wind

January 8, 2014


Note: I’m tidying up the mulch pile, finishing perfectly good musings I never got around to posting on TLV.  Waste not want not.  Besides, it’s too cold out to go gallivanting around the countryside taking pictures. Back in October 2012 I trotted into the Elk Rapids Library and was brought up short by swaths of […]

Noisy wedding receptions and a Special Hearing on May 13

May 8, 2010


OK, here’s the deal.  Everyone who reads Torch Lake Views who is likely to care about the matter already knows about the Great A-Ga-Ming Wedding Reception Controversy.  It has dragged on now for more than two years, and a great many of us are heartily sick of the whole thing.  That does not mean that […]

“I already have all the internet I need”

February 6, 2010


There are two schools of thought about the importance of improved internet service in the Township.  You already know that I am firmly of the school that believes reliable high-speed internet is as essential to our future as decent roads and a ready supply of electricity.  There is another school of thought:  “I already have all the […]

Let me draw you a picture with words

January 25, 2010


A little story in the Record-Eagle caught my eye: Google executive running for governor. Matt Dunne, the Google executive in question, lives and works in Vermont, for heaven’s sake. Vermont has internet service capable of supporting the telecommuting needs of a Google executive. OK, as it turns out, it doesn’t have it everywhere, but if […]

Some things are as good as they look – others not so much

January 14, 2010


Here is something that is just as good as it looks: The pizza on top is, of course, classic pepperoni pizza.  The one on the bottom is the most ethereal pizza imaginable, the creation of Kathy Windiate, who knows what she’s doing in a kitchen.  It is a crispy thin crust slathered with Alfredo sauce […]