Township fossils

Posted on March 13, 2008


No, we are not discussing the graying of Torch Lake Township (although whenever I see toddlers I assume they are someone’s grandchildren). Today we celebrate the Petoskey Stone, beloved object of beach searching for generations of summer visitors.  Most readers will already know all they care to about the state stone of Michigan.  Most of them, in fact, can find examples in the pockets of summer jackets or in a jar of water on the mantel.  Many have even attended the annual Petoskey Stone Festival.  However, we have readers from furrin’ parts, and they may be excused for bewilderment in these matters.  This post is for them.  Below is a dish of hand-dampened Petoskey stones.  (The fossil pattern is very hard to see unless the stones are wet.  This is why you can find small children licking fists full of pebbles along the shores of Lake Michigan.)  Although it is not a requirement to display Petoskey stones in a saucer made by master studio potter Elizabeth Lurie, I did think it a nice touch.  Makes you want to dig your bare toes into the sand along the Bay, doesn’t it? 

Dish of Petoskey Stones for Mrs. Uhdd