Weather whiplash

Posted on January 30, 2008


I’m always amazed when people get the vapors over a little snow in Michigan in January – but this week has given me whiplash.  Snowbirds, this one’s for you.  

Sunny MondayOn Monday morning it was far too pretty to sit inside.  Off we went in the sunshine, walking through unspoiled snow under blue skies.  Overnight it just kept getting warmer.  

By Tuesday morning the roads were bare and the deck was dripping snowmelt in the heat.  The outdoor thermometer reached 48° F, and the dogs were wild with all the scents.  I did not take a picture.  It looked like muddy brown March out there.  I hate March.

Last night the wind howled, spitting snow and sleet, blowing most of it right on by. This morning it was 4° F, and the LP wall furnace might as well have been burning ten-dollar bills.

Sun-gone WednesdayNo fair.