TLV Sunday Morning

Posted on May 15, 2011


It’s good to wake up to sunshine flowing in the windows. The Duo knew it was going to be a good day. They just didn’t know whether the excellent walk or the excellent breakfast would come first. I stepped out on the deck to assess the situation. OK, I would definitely need a jacket, and, um, shoes too.   Walk first.  You come too.

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It is so pretty out there . . . but man it was cold, too.  Even the trillium shivered and drooped.  I’m hoping that it was, as usual, warmer up on the ridges where the orchards grow.

I’ve been scooped again, this time by the Record-Eagle.  Unbearable.  Anyway, the redoubtable Joanie Moore has a front page photo about the Mercedes that went swimming in Torch Lake yesterday afternoon.

I know that sharp curve, and a couple of others as well.  I cannot fathom why we are not able to establish and enforce a lower speed limit along North East Torch Lake Drive.  But there I go, being cranky again. Anyway, if you are from Around Here you know how twisty and turny that pretty drive is. If you are from Away, stand warned. You, too, could be driving with the fishes.

So lessee, you’ve had your weather report, your news update, the nature segment . . . ah! Sports news! Jasmine Hines, a very nice girl who plays basketball for Central Lake High School, was named to Parade Magazine’s All-America Team.  Unaccountably the cover features Johnny Depp and a young woman who does not play basketball at all. That is probably because Jasmine is taller than Johnny Depp.

To say that Jasmine plays basketball is to say that it snows in the U.P. Jasmine is Michigan’s Miss Basketball for 2011, and owns the career scoring record for high school basketball players–girls and boys. And she’s going to Michigan State in the fall.  (♪ ♫ Go right through for MSU . . .) I have no photos of Jasmine, but there are a lot of nice ones on Jim Schoensee’s website.  Jim covers the Central Lake Schools like a down comforter.