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Mama Nature’s little jokes

April 4, 2016


This week's Michigan Picture from Babs Young features some attractive mergansers sailing along on Torch Lake. Nice work, Babs - nice work, Mama Nature!

The Birds Are Coming, the Birds Are Coming!

March 28, 2016


I hear them on our morning walks - the mourning doves, the pileated woodpeckers, an owl. No photos. Fortunately, my betters are in the right place at the right time making outstanding images.


April 27, 2014


I have just discovered truthiness. The word, not the concept. I gather most of you have known about it since, oh, 2005 or so, but I heard the word for the first time on the radio yesterday. The concept, if not the word, has been part of my analysis of Unfortunate Contemporary Discourse for a […]

Sap’s Up!

April 4, 2014


Bruce Bigelow likes to have something to do.  When he was just a young sprout he used to help his aunt and uncle make maple syrup.  He loves maple syrup.  He looked around at all the maples in his yard and thought to himself, I am going to tap some trees and make some maple syrup.  […]

Some things bear watching

March 22, 2012


Miss Sadie and the Cowboy spent all day yesterday enjoying the nice weather out on the deck. I realize that Miss Sadie’s ears are back, but that’s because she does not particularly like being photographed. The Cowboy ignored the camera. He was a resolute Watch Spaniel. No chipmunks would be allowed on the premises. We […]

Would you like to swing on a star, be-doomp, be-doomp

March 21, 2012


Remember that song? Carrying moonbeams home in a jar always sounded really appealing, sort of like having whole galaxies of lightning bugs to read by. I'm just humming, pay no attention. We can edit it out in post.