Hunters encircle woolly mammoth

Posted on February 2, 2011


Every winter about this time Daugherty Johnson gets the itch to dance with Mama Nature. They have a deal. She brings the snow—just the right amount, just the right consistency—and he turns it into something that makes her laugh with joy.

Daugherty, like Mama Nature herself, creates for his own reasons and shares with an open hand. His studio is the whole North Country, his gallery an open space in Eastport, on the south side of M-88, just east of Kruse’s. His fans are devoted. The whole enterprise feels like something he does just for us. No press releases. No admission fees. No grant awards.

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The photos are not a patch on the real thing.  If you are from Around Here you owe it to yourself to stop by and see the work for yourself.  Wind and sun and snow and sleet and changing temperatures will all insist on collaborating with Daugherty.  It’s OK with him.  Everything, after all, is temporary.  Everything changes.

Special thanks to Bob Hicks of Northern Michigan Web Design, who left me a message that the sculpture was finished. If he hadn’t done that, I would have managed to forget to get to that particular spot, and I might have missed the whole thing. That would have been unbearable.

You can see photos of earlier sculptures by Daugherty Johnson here: