Boats on fire, a plague of locusts, sheriffs descending on the Day Park – what next?

Posted on June 4, 2010


Everyone seems to think I will have an answer to all the pressing questions of the day.  Not necessarily the right answer, mind you, but one that will serve. 

Dean Branson wants to know about the burning boat on Torch Lake.  All I know is that a small boat caught fire, no one was hurt, and it took all afternoon to put the fire out.  I’d like to know more about this myself, but there’s only so much investigating one person can do in a day and still keep dogs.  One of the customers at Sonny’s showed me a photo of the burning boat on his cellphone.  Naturally I asked him to email it to Torch Lake Views.  He said he’d be happy to do that, but he didn’t know how.  I didn’t know how his phone worked either.  I gave him my email and he said he’d get his son to tend to it.  By this you know that we are both older than dirt.  If his son ever figures out the phone and if he hasn’t lost my email I’ll show you the picture.

Don Booh sent an email via the Torch Lake Views Contact feature.  What are the bugs hatching along the shore line of Torch Lake? We’re 2 miles north of Alden on the east side and have been inundated the past three days.  Don, I’m going to guess that these are the pesky midges.  That’s not their real name of course, it’s just what we call them over here along the east shore of Grand Traverse Bay.  OK, it’s what we call them when we’re in polite company.  There are a whole lot of pictures of those on Blasted bugs at the TBNP.  You can look at those to see if they’re what you’ve got.  They arrived earlier this year (see the 2010 post on the pesky midges), so you might have something else.  Fish flies.  Locusts.  Who knows?  If you know how to send me pictures of the pests with your cellphone, I will post them and someone will tell us what they are.  In any case, they will almost certainly go away within the week.  Something else will eat them. 

Chris called me to tell me that the Sheriffs Departments were having an exercise down at the Day Park.  This is the sort of tip I live for, as I can generally trot over there and take pictures and investigate.  What with one thing and another I couldn’t get down there in time.  So no photos or story from this time.  I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest it’s pretty much the same deal as described in an old post, Post Pantry: Michael and Me, Diving for Guns in Torch Lake and Staying out of Jail.

Now, just to take your mind off the dreadful events of the week, here is a nice peaceful picture from the Day Park.  The swim buoys are in place, the boat ramp repairs have been ordered, and the weather is fine.  Enjoy.