Big changes at Sonny’s and new condos on Torch Lake

Posted on January 26, 2010


During the winter months I’m inclined to look around the Writing Studio and Bait Shop and think to myself, Surely there’s a better way to organize this place.  Then I take the dogs for a walk and the fit passes.  Chris and Sonny Szejbach are made of sterner stuff.  They’ve been rearranging the furniture at the Torch Lake Market.  The deli and meat cases have been moved right up front, giving Sonny  a lot more room to work.

Not to worry–those empty cinnamon roll racks are full again, and the cafe is open during the remodeling.  While I was there Jan and Joe Fritz came in for breakfast, looking pretty dapper.

Then Babs came in and the next thing you know I, too, was having breakfast, OK, second breakfast, and completely forgetting my main assignment. Chris, always on top of the latest news, had told me that Don Philion and George Drogt were putting the finishing touches on their new condo development next to the Day Park.  [Update 11/20/2010: Sharon Philion writes that Don’s partner in the condo development was Dave Ellison, and that they were supervised by Dave Hoeft, who regaled them with stories about the history of the parcel. Sharon also points out that the property owner who retained this excellent development team was Sue Swain.] Eventually I trotted down there to see what I could see.

If I were a bird, I’d be calling my real estate agent right now about this exceptional opportunity with frontage on Torch Lake. (If I were Lee Scott*, I’d be remembering the last time a Torch Lake Views story flabbergasted me.)

*For those from Away, Lee Scott is the intrepid chair of the Torch Lake Township Planning Commission, beset on all sides by pesky reporters and the occasional blogger.