Exceeds expectations

Posted on April 20, 2014


Language is a tricky thing. That’s one of the things I like about it. Also one of the things about it that I distrust. Consider the ambiguous note on report cards and in personnel files–Exceeds expectations. On its face, that must be good, probably better than Fails to meet expectations. But whose expectations? And what were they?  Take last week.

Chapter I.

The Weatherman and his beloved were At Home in Ann Arbor finishing up their tax returns when winter exceeded their expectations.

April 15 snow in Ann Arbor

Chapter II. 

The kerfuffle over what to do about EMS ambulance service Around Here, and how to pay for it, has exceeded the expectations—and possibly the patience—of the taxpayers of three neighboring townships (Torch Lake, Milton and Elk Rapids).  Naturally there will be a meeting where We The People will have an opportunity to make clear what our expectations are.

Wednesday April 23, 2014
6:00 PM 
Milton Township Hall, 7023 Cherry Avenue, Kewadin
(corner of Cherry Avenue and Cairn Highway).

Here is a draft agenda prepared by Alan Martel, Supervisor of Torch Lake Township, and subject to update: Joint Meeting with Township Boards4-23-14

Chapter III.

I stopped by Pine Hill Nursery on my way home from Elk Rapids on Friday to see what was new. An explosion of color exceeded my expectations.  I think I might be able to keep coleus and streptocarpella alive in my shady precincts.  The handy dandy rainbow handled tools are pretty, but what I really need is that Knee Armor.  YakTrax for my knees!

Coleus in rich colorsStreptocarpellaColorful tools at Pine HillYakTrax for your knees

Chapter IV.

Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I headed down to the beach before supper with no particular expectations.  We liked what we found, so we stayed down there quite awhile.  (We had fairly low expectations for the weekend and wished to take advantage of a golden hour while it lasted.)

Early spring reflection

The Cowboy casts a long shadow

Sunset on Grand Traverse Bay 4-18-2014

May the coming week exceed all your expectations . . . in a good way.  (We are resolved to be careful what we wish for Around Here.)