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Laundry night in the Township

October 13, 2011


Katherine writes: Having a good time at the computer with Photoshop this afternoon. Of course I should be doing other things, but laundry can wait… can’t it? To which, after careful consideration of the matter, I say yes. Yes indeed, I believe it can.

Katherine is outstanding in her field

September 1, 2011


Katherine was out and about with her camera. Lucky us. Have you ever seen such a wonderful place to walk with a little child?  Hold that little paw in yours, climb a gentle rise to inspect the haybales, jump off a haybale giggling.  Repeat until joyful. The chicory and the Queen Anne’s Lace tickle your […]

For Katherine

July 24, 2011


In a little while I'm going to wend my way over to the surprise birthday party for Katherine. Just before I leave I'm going to set this post to publish during the party. It wouldn't do to spoil the surprise.

Summer daze

July 10, 2011


Too many situations where a person has to choose between chocolate and vanilla, the mountains or the shore, flowers or bunnies.

And then it started to rain

June 28, 2011


Katherine writes: I was standing on the balcony watching the storm come in and thinking "if I was in one of those boats I'd be a little concerned." But the colors were fantastic and you could see the "cribs" where the old dock was.

Katherine paints the fence pink

June 20, 2011


Katherine had to pick her way across the swamp and through the poison ivy, whacking away at the mosquitos as she went, to capture these pretty things, but she has triumphed.