For Katherine

Posted on July 24, 2011


In a little while I’m going to wend my way over to the surprise birthday party for Katherine.  Just before I leave I’m going to set this post to publish during the party.  It wouldn’t do to spoil the surprise.  You know Katherine as the adventurous photographer who has brought you many astonishing images over the last three years.  (There will be a slideshow at the end.)  I know her as a Very Special Person for many reasons, including these:

  • Katherine is the sort of person who will give you a ride to a place far, far away where you have unaccountably managed to haul your car for special servicing.  She will not question your decision to do this thing.  She will simply take you there.
  • Sometimes people are reluctant to tell you, however gently, that you are being a doofus, even when it would be a greater kindness to let you know these things, akin to mentioning the spinach between the teeth thing.  Katherine is especially good at handling the task with delicacy.  Trust me on this.  She has had a lot of experience doing this with me.
  • She is a gifted photographer who is also very brave about sharing her experiments in public and asking for feedback.
  • If Katherine says she will pick you up at a certain time, she will do that.
  • When she sends you a photograph, you open it with great curiosity, and you are always surprised in one way or another.  She has an original mind.
  • She is good company.  When you are driving along and you say, Look at that!  she does not say Mm-hmmm.  She just waits for you to pull over so that both of you can trot over there to investigate.  Excellent company.

Here are some of my favorites among the many images she has sent to Torch Lake Views.  I could not choose among them.  The slideshow will, alas, take a long time to load.  It will be worth the wait. While we’re waiting, we can sing a few choruses of Happy Birthday.  I’m going to go get ready now.  Back later.

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