Katherine paints the fence pink

Posted on June 20, 2011


Katherine had to pick her way across the swamp and through the poison ivy, whacking away at the mosquitos as she went, to capture these pretty things, but she has triumphed.  Just in time, too–I really needed someone to paint the fence today.  Enjoy your slideshow.

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These Michigan orchids are particular favorites of mine.  The pink and white ones are Showy Ladyslippers (Cypripedium reginae).  The deep rosy pink ones are Pink Ladyslippers, or Moccasin Flowers (Cypripedium acaule).  They’re protected.  They won’t grow if you try to transplant them, so please don’t try.  You can find them all through the Jordan Valley, in swampy areas along the Chain of Lakes in Antrim County, and in secret places, sort of like morel mushrooms.  Um, do not eat the ladyslippers.