Behind the scenes at Harbor Days

Posted on August 3, 2011


Traverse City has the Film Festival, Isle Royale has moose and wolves, but Elk Rapids has Harbor Days.  I was over there yesterday taking pictures of the preparations and talking to the crew from Arnold Amusements.  It’s astonishing really how much work goes into setting up a midway.  It’s like moving a whole town from place to place, a caravan of RVs and trucks loaded with rainbows.

How can you resist the rides?  Especially the chubby dragons.  Those dragons just knock me out.

For that matter, how can you resist the elephant ears and the roasted corn and the lemonade and the Elk Rapids Rotary Club Chicken BBQ?  (Some years ago I was a Rotary volunteer myself, up to my elbows in carryout containers and secret sauce.  If you bought a dinner back then, your money went to very good causes, including the installation of nice public restrooms at Veterans Memorial Park.  Never underestimate the importance of that sort of amenity in a resort community.  I digress.)

You can download the 2011 Harbor Days Schedule of Events here, and go explore.  Do some shopping on River Street.  Have breakfast with the Masons.  Stop in at Stuff ‘n’ Such and say hello to Louan.  Listen to Syzygy.  Try Zumba in the park.  Watch the Sand Castle Competition.  Take bets on whether Norm Veliquette will walk on his hands along the parade route.  OOOh and AAAh during the fireworks over the Bay. I don’t see how you can go wrong.

I’m sure you will measure up.