Nature Walk 2: Splashing through the Swamp

Posted on July 5, 2016


I had not forgotten the interesting fungus in the swamp, no indeed. Anything that might be an edible mushroom called Chicken in the Woods is certain to remain on my radar. But how to get close enough to it to identify it and harvest it? I went looking for an experienced guide.

My neighbor Tommy is fleet as a deer. He can leap from hummock to hummock without getting wet. He also possesses a very good sense of direction and an intrepid friend named Annabell. Perfect. Off we went into the depths of mystery.

Walk on the swamp side

Miss Sadie and the Cowboy on the alert in the Swamp

We soon found the dead ash tree with the fungus at its base.  (Note: The photo is deceptive.  I was nowhere near as close to the tree as this makes it look.  The little camera did well.  It seems to like the swamp.)

Walk on the swamp side 2

Tommy made his way to the other side of the tree and removed a sample.  He said there was a lot more fungus where that came from.

Walk on the swamp side 3

We re-splashed our steps and went back to the Writing Studio and Bait Shop to examine our treasure. We made pictures of both sides and wrote up our notes.

My guides went off to find a good mushroom book. They think we may have a winner. They agreed to consult with parents more knowledgeable than I.

My job was to bathe the Cowboy and dry him out. Both of us survived the experience.  If we decide to cook some Chicken in the Woods I’ll let you know how it turns out.