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Nature Walk 2: Splashing through the Swamp

July 5, 2016


My neighbor Tommy is fleet as a deer. He can leap from hummock to hummock without getting wet. He also possesses a very good sense of direction and an intrepid friend named Anabelle. Perfect. Off we went into the depths of mystery.

Wolf Cubs, Tiger Cubs, Bear Cubs, Webelos and the Pinewood Derby

March 19, 2012


I tell you, there's nothing so humbling to the amateur photographer as trying to cover a sporting event—and I say this as one who has been humbled in every conceivable way, photographically speaking. Nevertheless, I persevere. Next up, the Pinewood Derby.

Dogs and cars

August 7, 2010


You can't predict what will get an artist going. Most of the year you can count on lots of people driving around this part of the world with their dogs in the truck. It isn't just me. The dogs are riding along with their ears flapping in the breeze, or waiting in the car with the engine running, wishing they could figure out how to put it in gear, or just sitting there watching the passing parade, grinning doggy grins.

Tommy Tales: July

July 11, 2010


As most of you know, I am fond of getting other people to paint the fence around here. One of the people I’ve been trying to recruit for a long time now is young Tommy. He gets out and about even more than I do, and on the evidence, has even more fun. Looky here: […]