All on a frosty morning

Posted on March 19, 2016


I was working away on things of vast importance to me but of no importance at all to Miss Sadie and the Cowboy. They finally persuaded me to lift my eyes from the keyboard and look at the lovely day. Once they had accomplished that, it was no trouble at all to persuade me to go for a walk. You might like to come along.  You  might want to wear your coat.

Patches of snow and sun and fur

It’s nippy down on the beach unless you are in a patch of sun. Mama Nature has been busy remodeling. The little rivulet where the frogs lived last year has been completely washed out and replaced with a gravel bed. All the beach grasses are flattened shoreward, as if a big wave had come but not gone. Toppled beach willows drip icicles that will melt this afternoon. But some things never change. The Cowboy went wading.

We are back at home. Miss Sadie is napping on the sofa. I believe I’m going to go over to the Township Hall for some Firefigher’s Chili. See you tomorrow.