Live blogging from the depths of answer waiting

Posted on March 17, 2016


I am listening to bad music on speakerphone, interspersed with an excessive number of recorded apologies for why it’s taking so long.  Eventually I will reach a real live person.  Let’s see which comes first – the person or the completion of this post?  A race between a turtle and a tortoise I think.

It has been a busy little morning.

Health insurance

The bottle of aspirin is there for scale. It is a very large bottle that, when purchased, contained 500 low-dose aspirins. The pile of paper was retrieved from the file marked “Health Insurance.” Not Health Care–that is a different file entirely. This one is just Health Insurance.  These documents and forms and notes are by no means comprehensive.  They go back only to last August, and do not include fat manuals that expired in December and were replaced by new fat manuals effective in January.  Recent developments require that I must choose new Health Insurance and get signed up for it before my current coverage stops, which, I learned yesterday, will happen on April Fool’s Day.  Perfect.

Mind you, I have no complaints about the coverage I have had since last August, and I have no complaint about needing to choose new coverage because circumstances have changed.  I just think the whole process should be A LITTLE SIMPLER AND MORE STRAIGHTFORWARD and that it should not come with really bad music.

I know how to deal with these little bumps in the road.  For example, a person could go to bed early with a really good book.

Health improvement

I cannot begin to tell you how good that book is.  I recommend you read what PJ (aka Pamela Grath of Dog Ears Books) had to say in  this review on her Books in Northport blog.  I value PJ’s advice.  She is my bookseller the way other people are my physicians or my farmers.  I mailed her a check. She mailed me the book. I started reading it last night and felt much better about many things. I woke up this morning prepared to Deal With Matters.

Breaking news!  An answer!  In just 21 minutes! 

All things considered, that is not bad.  Not only that, but the answers to my questions cheered me up considerably.  How often does that happen?  Not nearly often enough, but isn’t it nice that it happened today?  It is.

While I was waiting for the bad music to end and writing this I was also making potato salad with local eggs hard-cooked in the steamer so that I would not get distracted and burn the house down.

Altogether a satisfactory end to an unpromising beginning.