Giant tree lobsters and other good news

Posted on February 12, 2016


I have been following Oregon Public Radio quite closely this week and was delighted to discover an NPR story about the Giant Tree Lobster (Dryococelus australis).  Not that I am an expert on tree lobsters, mind you, but it was an irresistible story and I recommend it.


Dryococelus australis. Photo credit: Peter Halasz (Used under Creative Commons license)

I could have heard the Giant Tree Lobster story on Interlochen Public Radio, but I was busy following the news from my ancestral lands.  There is more good news on that front, too.   The remaining armed militants occupying the Malheur Wildlife Refuge surrendered peacefully yesterday.  Hallelujah.  I have two heroes in all of this mess:  Harney County Sheriff David Ward and the OPB staff.  (Unlike the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, I give awards for ensemble brilliance.)

I am resolved to stop grousing about the weather.  Yesterday we had some lovely sunshine.  In honor of the occasion Dale Reedy plowed my driveway again and I was able to go out to play.

More good news.  I ran into Jim King in the produce aisle at the Eastport Market yesterday.  He was just back from an agricultural conference and full of excitement about new developments in apples.  He was also full of good stories about the old days in the orchards, which in the case of King Orchards is about 35 years ago.  Some of the good stories are about the Old Guys who taught the King brothers what they’d learned in the even older days.  (I will extract details and tell you finished stories in due course.)

That’s what I like about Antrim County.  Change happens every day.  There’s always something new to learn.  And we always try to keep in mind how we got here.