Kids on the porch, Market going to the dogs, Crazytunias – must be spring

Posted on April 3, 2014


It must be spring break.  On Wednesday a steady stream of people visited the Elk Rapids Library, where magical vegetables popped up in the lobby.

Spring pops up  in the Elk Rapids Library lobby

Some of us were there to check out books or to use the broadband-connected workstations.  (OK, some of us were there to do both, and went downstairs to the perpetual used book sale for good measure, but I’m not telling who that might have been.) Dina and Barb were working the desk, and we kept both of ’em busy.  They are astonishingly versatile.  (Can you help me download an e-Book?  Do you have a good suggestion for a Northern Michigan gardening guide?  Why does this library look like a house? and so many more questions that it makes my head hurt.)

Elk Rapids Library - excellent broadband

Out on the glassed-in porch kids played “Bored Games” with another librarian, Michelle.  She is vibrant and funny and a good listener—exactly the sort of person you like to have in your youngster’s life.  And the kids seem to like having her there, too.  Imagine that.

Games on the Porch - Elk Rapids Library

A young dad was teaching his two little boys to play chess, and older students had brought their laptops in to take advantage of the wireless service. (They looked very serious. Possibly deep in internet research for term papers on advanced scientific questions? That would be my guess.  But who knows?  The great thing about the Library is that your mind has complete freedom to explore the world.  A person can even become deeply absorbed in the lives of Antrim County’s Civil War veterans. I digress.)

Chess lessons on the porch - Elk Rapids Library

I didn’t spend my whole day in the Library of course.  I admired the view from the shore of the Bay.  I did not climb over the snowpiles to sit on the bench.

Elk Rapids - View of the Bay and Old Mission Peninsula

Yes, that is a tiny figure striding out onto the Bay, but not to worry. The strider is safely on the sand spit that is blessedly visible.

What we saw


Over at the Village Market I was delighted to learn that gas was favorably priced and Tom was back.

Tom is Back

Tom McManus, the Hot Dog Man, has been a summer events fixture Around Here for years. Last summer he had his cart in the parking lot. This year he and the Village Market’s Rick Young are trying something different, an indoor venue.

Village Market Dog House

Naturally I could not resist such an excellent treat. Please note that all tips will be applied to Tom’s dream of building and flying his own kit plane.

Dog House - Tips for a Plane


And then I headed home.  On the way I saw a joyful sight and turned right around to make another stop.

Pine Hill is Open

When Pine Hill Nursery is open in April, a person can go into the warm and fragrant greenhouses and fantasize about planting flowers and vegetables and trees. A person can thaw out for heaven’s sake. And just look at these flats of petunias:

Crazytunias at Pine Hill

They are called Crazytunias and I think they are wacka-wacka-wonderful.

Just so you know, while I was in Elk Rapids I also took care of the main job, which was to pick up parts for the water heater at Gilroy’s.  I did pretty well, all things considered, but I had to go back today for more parts.  Life is like that. At least I’m at the Library again, finishing this post, and with any luck I’ll be able to take a nice hot shower tonight.  Hold a good thought.

Water heater elements