Visiting the Time Being

Posted on April 2, 2014


What happens when the right book falls into the right reader’s hands?

Ruth Ozeki appears and vanishes and reappears in my life.  This is fine.  It is my experience generally.  The difference is that generally I rummage around until I find whatever, or whomever, I’ve misplaced.

I never find Ruth Ozeki when I’m looking for her.  (Not even when I try “Ozecki.”)

The problem isn’t so much finding her—there is Ozekiland, a website devoted to her books, complete with reviews and videos and audios of readings and a book trailer for the very book that . . .  knocked me out.  Twice.

The problem is that I never find my Ruth Ozeki when I’m looking for her.  I cannot find the right words to explain to a particular person why I think that person should read her work. I have the missionary’s zeal without the missionary’s spiel.


The next time I want to urge someone to read A Tale for the Time Being, I will be able to direct the someone to PJ Grath’s review. If I had found the words she uses I would have written them. If I had been spending any time on the internet in February 2013 when she wrote the review, I would have found it then and sent all the someones there immediately.

Pamela Grath’s review of A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki

Now I’m going to go look for the parts for the water heater.