A dance to spring

Posted on April 1, 2014


When a winter has been Truly Awful every little bit of sunshine has an astonishing effect on a person’s mood.  We had a few days of wild optimism over the weekend and, in the manner of Feiffer cartoons (joy tempered with deep anxiety) went dancing.

We were not the only ones out and about.  I’m pretty sure this little guy was a potential investor looking for likely properties in advance of the summer rush.  He sampled the lichen, explored the access routes through pine and maple, birch and beech.  He studied me at length.

Red squirrel

I hope he decides to stick around.  It’s a heckuva thing when your self-esteem can be influenced by the judgments of a red squirrel, but it’s been that kind of winter.

We have another new neighbor, too.  He’s a friendly sort, waving away at the side of the road, even if he does resemble Darth Vader.  We met him over at the new home of Bell’s Iron Rock Designs (Rod Bell, artist), about which more soon.

Red Devils mascot

The Bay is still frozen, although not reliably.  We will not be making any more expeditions to the ice mountains.

Blue ice mountains in March

But enough about joy; back to anxiety. It’s clear from the weather map that . . . nothing is clear. Apparently we are about to have rain, sleet, thunderstorms, snow, sunshine, spring warmth, and freezing, all at once.

Weather dance

Weather Dance – excerpt from map on the Record-Eagle weather forecast page (March 29? 2014 – must go check the date)

The driveway is already impossibly icy (no picture as it took all my attention to negotiate the trip to retrieve the newspaper this morning).  However, we are not complaining.  Earthquakes in California, mudslides in Washington, red dust from the Sahara swirling into London – good grief.  We will take the devils we know.

Miss Sadie and the Cowboy decided to hunker down in the dog room for the duration, even though they are tired of the dog room and want to go spin-dancing on the beach.  Me too.

Hunkered down in the dog room