Care for a cold one?

Posted on March 17, 2014


Intrepid reporter Babs Young trekked across the frozen tundra that is Torch Lake to bring you this special report.

This guy was ice fishing on Torch Lake the other day. The ice is almost 3 feet thick and he and his friends just drove their truck out there with no problem. He told me that it [the lake] was 60 feet deep there. Don’t think this ice will go away any time soon.


Our nameless subject is all muffled up, but not to worry. He is not up to No Good. It’s just that it’s pretty cold out there, even inside the shanty, and . . . maybe he called in sick-of-winter. Maybe he went home with a nice whitefish for his supper. That would make him a hero.

One thing I’m sure of. He did not join the long line of people who have caught Fierce Muskies after I promised you there were none in Torch Lake. You cannot catch a fierce muskie through a hole that size.

The subject is much on my mind as I just read a story in last week’s Antrim Review about a world record muskie caught in Lake Bellaire. For those of you not from Around Here, Lake Bellaire is a close neighbor to Torch Lake. In fact they are connected to each other in the Chain of Lakes that wends its way through Antrim County all the way to Grand Traverse Bay. Here is a dandy map, courtesy of Wikipedia Creative Commons:

Chain of Lakes from Wikipedia Creative Commons

Back in October the Review had reported that A new state record Muskie, quite possibly Michigan’s largest ever caught with a rod and reel, was caught in Lake Bellaire on Saturday, October 13. It went on to say that the monster, caught by Joe Seeburger of Portage, weighed in at 58 pounds and was 59 inches long, with a 29-inch girth, thus besting the previous state record muskie caught by Kyle Anderson in Torch Lake back in 2009.

You remember Kyle’s triumph and my disgrace. I told you all about it here. Anyway, the latest fish story was duly submitted to the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), which has dubbed it a world record and one of the best record catches of any kind of game fish during 2013. In the world.

Well I’ll be a muskie’s uncle. Be careful out there, Babs.