Firehouse Chili Cook-off should warm things up

Posted on March 16, 2014


I can’t make it Spring but I can make it hot.  Probably.  See what you think.  I was over at the Eastport Market (there’s a big surprise) and saw this notice on the bulletin board.

Firehouse Chili Cook-Off Flyer

This looked interesting.  Something new and different.  Something to do in March.  Besides, I am a fool for firefighters (especially the one I raised), and I love prizes. The toys below will definitely not be among the prizes, as they are valuable antiques–OK, beloved playthings of days gone by–on display during the Elk Rapids Area Historical Society holiday show a couple of years ago. They did not belong to Rob the Firefighter, either, as all of his toys were pretty thoroughly used up by the time he got through with them.  However, he did grow up to be an excellent firefighter and a good cook, too, so we must have done something right.  I digress.

Firefighter toys - ERAHS holiday show

I had a bunch of questions about the Cook-off.  What are they raising money for?  How much do I pay to have some of that desirable chili–not to mention the dessert?  And what are the prizes?  I fired off an email to Ryan Bigelow, Torch Lake Township Fire Chief.  On the very same day I had a response.

The Torch Lake Fireman’s Association is a Non-profit that consists primarly of firefighters with the Torch Lake Township Fire Department. Our association funds are often used for buying extra equipment and gear, t-shirts and jackets for our firefighters, and for anything that we can’t use taxpayer money to purchase. There is no entry fee to come in and do some tasting, although donations will be accepted. I’m not sure on the cost of raffle tickets yet; I will know that on Monday. Prizes will be gift cards, fire extinguishers, and others items as well.

Fire extinguishers!  I love my fire extinguisher.  It is the one household appliance I know how to work reliably. And you cannot beat pay-what-you-like firehouse chili. I’m in. I hope you’ll come too.  The chili will taste something like this.

Fire 9