Katy Newman reports

Posted on March 5, 2014


I did not get over to the first annual Central Lake Chilly Fest on Saturday. I was cranky and it was cold. I am a wuss. Katy Newman is not a wuss. She was over there and sent us a photo of Daugherty Johnson’s contribution to the festivities.

And the prize for biggest catch went to:  Daugherty Johnson

Katy sent the photo without comment, so I will have to make something up. I am pretty sure that is the largest Blue-finned Salmon Trout ever seen on land in northern Michigan. (There are those with longer memories who may dispute the facts of the matter, and I am sure we will hear from them in due course.) Along with the penguin in the blue tuxedo, the Blue Bison, and the Bluestem Cherries, this piece extends the Johnson oeuvre. The man is a giant.