Sunday Morning TLV

Posted on February 3, 2014


OK, so I got distracted by Civil War veterans and forgot to press “Publish.”  Here you go.  Keep in mind that “today” is Sunday and “yesterday” is Saturday and . . . well.  You get the idea.

Arts and the environment:

I rely on my daily poem from Writer’s Almanac the way I rely on coffee and the day’s Record-Eagle. When I read this morning’s offering by Hayden Carruth I thought of Tootlepedal at once and started to send him an email about the poem.  Then I thought, well, why not just do a post? and here we are.  I recommend you read the poem.  You won’t be sorry.  Then go see what the chaffinches are up to in the Borderlands.  It will do you a world of good.

Your weather report:

The whiteout continues.  Walks with Miss Sadie and the Cowboy tend to be brisk, without a lot of lollygagging around taking photos.  This was the view yesterday from one of our favorite spots.  Looks like a person could just walk straight into eternity, doesn’t it?  Not a very attractive eternity, though.

Whiteout over the Bay

Clearly this is a favorite spot for better reasons.  It showed to good advantage in April, 2012.  I’m sure I took other photos there too, but I can’t find them and I’m tired of rummaging around looking for things.  Gloves, leashes, glasses, keys . . .

April cloudscape over the Bay

And from the Duo:

Miss Sadie is having no truck with playing outdoors this morning.  She is napping on the couch.  The Cowboy, though, has a warm fur coat and is always ready to go.

The Cowboy with iceballs in his whiskers