Toto, we’re not in Antrim County anymore

Posted on February 4, 2014


This isn't Antrim County Toto

OK, I’m in Antrim County, but this little pelican is in Key West where a person can find sunshine, warm breezes, excellent sunsets and thousands of migrating Canadians and Michiganians who, like the pelican, are in no hurry to fly back north.  No indeed.

On the other hand, Climate Chaos being what it is, a penguin somehow found its way to Eastport.  I’m pretty sure it’s a penguin.  M-88 is a mysterious corridor where creatures have been known to shapeshift in winter.

A penguin in Eastport

Strangest sighting of the day was this phoenix in Blue Heaven.  It saw its shadow, which may or may not mean anything.  Mull it over.