The Weatherman delivers news and cookies

Posted on January 25, 2014


Bruce the Weatherman is a versatile sort of man.  On Friday he drove through a blizzard to deliver some of Andi’s homemade cookies to the Writing Studio and Bait Shop.  Then he sent a Weather Report that I know all you snowbirds will enjoy.  He wrote:

The impressive cold has had me watching the ice on the bay. It’s been many years since I have seen it appear white all the way to Northport. On Thursday, I could only see a few strips of open water between here and Northport. Could this be another year with a frozen over bay? 

Bay ice

Then came today’s blizzard. Where did all the ice go?

Bay ice gone

My roof top weather monitor has been recording 30 mile per hour gusts. That plus heavy snow might have persuaded me to stay inside. 

[Here he provides a little video with sound effects.  If you are not here this will amuse you.  I am here.  I am not amused.  On the other hand, he did deliver those excellent treats.] 

But I decided I wanted to see if Torch Lake had frozen over. Unfortunately, there was no way to know because there was a complete whiteout at the Eastport boat launch area. That whiteout also prevented me from seeing that I was driving over a snow drift. And then the trusty four wheel drive Ford settled on top of the drift. All four wheels spun helplessly. Fortunately, I had a shovel in the car.

Wait, wait!  We finally get to the payoff and there is no amusing photo!  Ah well.  You will have to use your imagination.  I am busy eating Andi’s cookies.  We must keep up our strength in order to sweep the steps for the third time in 12 hours.  Miss Sadie has decided that she wants to go outside after all.