Fox on duty

Posted on January 20, 2014


On Sunday Babs sent her weekly Michigan Pic.

Foxy lady  - Babs Young

She wrote: This foxy lady is sitting in the middle of Torch Lake looking for her partner who is closer to the west side, the best side. And as of today Torch Lake is frozen as far as I can see. This was Saturday.

Then Babs sent a link to a YouTube video, What does the fox say?  I am a trusting soul, particularly when it comes to whatever Babs gets up to, so I included the link for you, even though I am At Home and not able to see it for myself.  I did, however, do a quick search . . . and now we all know just how far Out of Things I am.  I had not even heard of Ylvis.  My ears are pinned back in wonder and amazement.  I am unlikely to understand anything about popular culture for the foreseeable future.

Fortunately I have Babs for that.  Also Wikipedia (The Fox).