Polish Pasties

Posted on January 14, 2014


Back in October I trotted into the Eastport Market in search of seasonal treats. My head was thinking “chocolate” but my nose was sniffing . . . onions? Simmering in butter? Pierogis??? Shades of my beloved Detroit, where Polish delicacies are turned out by grandmothers in Hamtramck restaurants and church ladies at St. Florian’s and served up at dinner with friends.  I skidded to a stop and beheld the dream. Free samples of excellent treats at the Eastport Market!

Free samples of excellent treats at the Eastport Market

Free samples of excellent treats at the Eastport Market

I wasn’t blogging in October, but old habits die hard. I took pictures while Marcie Newton filled a plate for me.  Now right here I need to confess that I can’t spell pierogis/perogies/pirozhki, and I’m usually a pretty good speller.  Ah well.  A lovely dumpling by any spelling will taste as delectable. Look at these dear little morsels.  Come to think of it, they look like miniature pasties, don’t they?  And I know how to spell pasties.  (Thanks to Cora Stoppert I even know how to make them—and so do you.)

Tender little morsels

I am a traditionalist when it comes to comfort food so I sampled the potato, cheese and onion version. Marcie makes other varieties, too: elk, buffalo, venison, whitefish.  I know, I know – I haven’t been so surprised since I discovered the Polish dinner at Vasquez Hacienda. But the concept seems to be taking off. The tender little beauties are popular across the north country.  Grandma’s Perogies (which is how Marcie spells it) are available at independent markets from Petoskey to Traverse City.  It’s nice to see a local entrepreneur succeed.


The phone rang.  It was Neighbor Nannette.

  • I’m making dinner.  If you haven’t eaten yet do you want to join me?
  • — Yes.
  • Don’t you want to know what I’m making?
  • —  Doesn’t matter.  It will be something I’m not making.

I promptly presented myself with sparkly clean hands and face, carrying a monkey, but that’s another post entirely, and . . . TA-DAH!  Grandma’s Perogies from the Eastport Market, sauteed to mouthwatering perfection with some of the Market’s own smoked bacon.  Great minds, great minds.

Pierogis at Neighbor Nannette's