Excellent news

Posted on January 13, 2014


Babs writes: This has been a great winter up here. It’s warmed up some the last couple of days, but the cold will be back next week. I love the snow in the woods. 

Snowy woods

My first thought was that she had gone completely around the bend, but then I realized that no, that would be me.  Our Babs is made of sterner stuff.  She really is loving the snow and the cold.

I have a sneaking fondness for Real Winter myself, but this year is putting me to the test.  I’ve noticed I am eating like an NFL linebacker (which isn’t all bad–I’ve been making some very tasty meals for a change) and I have a line on a dandy emergency heater for when the power goes out.  More about that when we find the last thing we need to construct this marvel.

Pleasant dreams.