Dean Peters is my hero

Posted on January 7, 2014


Miss Sadie and the Cowboy woke me up at 7:30 this morning with a polite low growl from herself and a blast of doggie breath from you-know-who.  It’s time to get up and make our breakfast, they said.  It’s impossible to argue with a terrier and a spaniel at the same time.  You’re right, I said, pulling on my snowpants and snow boots and down coat and fleece hood and glove liners and ski gloves.  But first, let’s go get the paper.

They looked dubious, but they know the drill.  If I do not keep to my little rituals in winter the day loses all shape and I flounder.  I pulled back the window quilts and we peered into the snowy dark.

Can’t we just have breakfast?


I pulled the door open and shooed them outside.  They dashed down the steps and headed for Appropriate Spots.  I began to sweep the snow off the stairs.  I was barely halfway down when they tore past me, aimed at the door.  Two blurs flew in and settled in front of the wall furnace.

That’s how cold it is Around Here this morning.  I fed the Duo and finished sweeping the stairs and proceeded, without much hope, across the road to the mailbox with its little green newspaper tube.  Could it be?  Tire tracks curved toward the mailbox and away again.  YES!  Dean Peters had braved the cold and dark and snow to bring me my Record Eagle!  Oh bold navigator, bringer of news from the outside world.  My hero.

So now we have all had breakfast and we’ve built a fire and I can settle down to read the paper and do the sudoku puzzle.  We’ll just see what we get up to after that.

I know a person can read newspapers and do sudoku puzzles—even read blogs!—online, but it’s not the same.  It’s just not.

Record-Eagle Jan 7 2014