The sun in winter

Posted on January 8, 2013


I confess that winters in northern Michigan tend to be mostly black and white and lovely shades of grey. We make up for it by wearing a lot of red and lighting fires in the woodstove. On sunny days, we rock out. I had it in mind to show you several examples, but I neglected to edit my photos before trotting off to the Library. I am not about to burden you with 3.5MB images, especially ones that have not been cropped to remove the stray bits of my person that can sometimes creep into the frame. Fortunately, Babs came through. She wrote: Saturday was beautiful and a great day for skiing on Mt. McSauba in Charlevoix.

Babs - Mt McSauba Jan052013_0319

Now those of you who live in places like Switzerland and Colorado and Utah and Vermont might be asking yourselves, but where is the mountain? Um, even by Michigan standards, where the highest point is Mt. Arvon at 1979 feet, the Mt. McSauba Recreation Area flows over gentle dunes.  Still, it’s a very nice place for little kids to go skiing on a sunny day, and it has the advantage of being in Charlevoix, which is a lot closer than L’Anse.  It is also a municipal facility, which means that it is very reasonably priced for the family budget.  (You can find out about hours and fees and all that right here.)

We have some more challenging slopes Around Here, too, although they are still modest.   It is a lot of fun to ski at Nubs Nob and Boyne Highlands and Boyne Mountain, and believe it or not I used to do that quite a bit.  (These days I have an understanding with my knees.  If they will continue to take me on nice long walks in every kind of weather, I will not make them take me anyplace on skis.  Life is all about compromise, isn’t it?)

This business of using internet at the Library is going to be good for me.  I have to do a lot more planning, and bring my own laptop, too.  We can do this.  I am determined.  Back later.