A Babs-ilicious Feast

Posted on January 3, 2013


I know, I know – in my absence you have been starving for Babs Young’s images. Here are the last three from 2012 – more to come.

I especially loved this one, taken just before the December storm. Babs wrote: The water level in Lake Michigan is very low, much to the dismay of many. However the camera sees this differently. I rather like the look. I found it pretty fascinating myself, and want to write something about it soon.

Babs - Low Water 20121216_0088

Babs sent you Christmas greetings, too. She wrote: We will have a white Christmas around here. We had a great snow event last Thursday and Friday. Some lost power and I understand some still don’t have it back. I was lucky and didn’t lose power. Only Charter failed us. Our internet was out for a day or so. Anymore that’s a big loss. Almost worse than losing the phone. Enjoy your holiday.

Babs - White Christmas 20121223_0117

And finally this farewell to 2012. Babs writes, It’s all white here and chilly. This is a view of Grand Traverse Bay from a vista near Royal Farms just off US31. I’ve put some photos I have taken recently up on Flickr and you can view them here. Happy New Year!!

Babs - Farewell to 2012 20121223_0161.