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From out of the west

November 11, 2012


If we want to know what’s coming at us Around Here, we head down to the shore of Grand Traverse Bay and look.  Our weather almost always comes at us out of the west, swooping in across Lake Michigan, dancing over the ridge of the Leelanau Peninsula . . . and then it’s here.  Babs Young went […]

By the light of the silvery aurora

October 14, 2012


There is nothing I love more than storycatching, and of all the stories that come my way the ones that intrigue me the most offer a glimpse into the creative process. There I was wide awake at dark-thirty Saturday morning, mousing around on the computer looking for something absorbing to take me out of my […]

The Weatherman contemplates Tiger Rock

July 2, 2012


This is how we mark the rise and fall of the Great Lakes. We measure them against our own beloved places and our own selves. Bruce asks Do other people name their favorite rocks?

Blowing away the cobwebs

September 9, 2010


Sometimes a person just has to walk away from piles of paper and digital displays and get outside.  Dogs, of course, are always on board with that decision, so on Tuesday  Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I snuck away from the Civil War veterans and headed over to the Antrim Creek Natural Area.  We didn’t […]