Never too many apples

Posted on October 1, 2012


I’ve been holding out on you. I know you’ve been worried, what with the failure of the cherry crop—and the peaches and the apricots and the hay and the honey—that we’d be wasting away Around Here. No such thing. We have had chickens and eggs and cheese and other excellent treats. Just a couple weeks ago I stopped at King Orchards and bought corn and tomatoes and raspberries and apples. OK, and pie.

Then I took the Disreputable Duo for a walk at Antrim Creek, which took me right past the Verdant Ground farmstand, and naturally I had to stop.  Looky here.

A Bag O’ Salsa kit (two heirloom tomatoes, two pretty little red onions, a sneaky pepper, a tiny bit of cilantro, and a lime) is a wonderful idea.  Everything you need, all in one bag.  Chop chop, munch munch.  And it was very good on scrambled eggs wrapped in a tortilla with a little cheese.  Very good indeed.

I know, you want to know about the lime.  We have had odd weather, but we are not yet running to lime orchards in Michigan.  The lime was a little surprise, an imported gift, quite possibly from distant California.  All the other stuff, though, came right out of the fields behind the tiny farmstand.  Earlier in the summer the stand had Pesto Kits.  Next year the line might be extended to Bag O’ Pasta Sauce or Bag O’ Bruschetta Topping.  You never can tell.

When we got back home there was time for a walk on the beach as twilight gathered.  Some days are very good.  I hope you’ve been having some of those, too.

The Cowboy is damp, but alert

Miss Sadie remains tidy and observant

Slowly but surely the toys are disappearing. Must be the end of summer.