Tending the livestock

Posted on February 22, 2012


Miss Sadie and the Cowboy kept me plenty busy today and we  all feel better for it.  Sometimes I lose track of the important things.  They always remind me.  When you’re outdoors with animals, even days that look like this one feel . . . exhilarating.  Something close to that anyway.  Close enough to count in horseshoes.

Not as cold as it looks - but this was at mid-day

Miss Sadie sniffing the wind next to a sand-covered ice pile

The Cowboy had a bath last night but no brushing. Can you tell?

Just before suppertime we went out again. This is our favorite overlook.

Two walks and Zumba class, all in one day.  I feel so virtuous I can hardly stand myself.  I might have a tiny dish of ice cream as a reward.  Then I must brush the Cowboy.