Your Choice $20

Posted on February 23, 2012


I can never resist a sign like that, particularly when it is posted at Stuff ‘n’ Such in Elk Rapids, where Louan presides—and it includes the good stuff.  If you are from Around Here, you have either been over there and bought some shoes or you took one look at this and are heading out the door right now without even bothering to read the rest of the post.  That’s OK.  Come back after and say thank you.  I already bought mine.  Two pairs.  I almost bought the red boots, too, but I got hold of myself just in time.  I figure I saved about $150 already and I couldn’t afford to save any more.

The photos make it look as though there’s a going-out-of-business sale on, but that is not the case. Stuff ‘n’ Such is simply clearing out the last of the winter stock. Another week and the place will be full of pastels, all ready for spring. Resort-area shopkeepers, like the farmers of Antrim County, are eternal optimists.

Now I’m off to pick up Betty Beeby and Mar DeTar. We are going to a chili supper for Elk Rapids Area Historical Society volunteers, and then to Terry Wooten’s reading from Water Under the Bridge, his newest book of prose poems and oral history. Excellent treats and our first chance to see Terry and Wendi since the birth of their new granddaughter. All that and new shoes. My choice. Life may get better than this, but it doesn’t have to on my account.

Here is a present for you: Suspended Ice on Martha Tenney’s blog.