The lay of the land

Posted on February 14, 2012


Recently Mrs. Uhdd said she was going to go off and look at an atlas to figure out the lay of the land Around Here. It occurred to me that I should write about the geography, just to give you a context should you be from Away. I’m always showing you the beach along Grand Traverse Bay, but here it is from a satellite. The little marker is at Eastport, the metropolis at the north end of Torch Lake. That large field of blue that looks sort of like someone running toward you and melting away at the same time – that’s Grand Traverse Bay. You can follow this link to the interactive Google map and zoom in, out, and round about to your heart’s content.

Torch Lake Township itself is just a little sliver between the lake and the Bay. I’ve been collecting maps that help me understand the lay of the land in the 19th century, when my Civil War veterans first came here to make new lives for themselves. It’s very absorbing. I wish I could show you exactly what it looked like then. I wish I could see it myself.

Torch Lake Township Original Survey 1840

Here’s what it looked like yesterday when the Duo and I walked through the woods behind the Writing Studio and Bait Shop. All of us were a little giddy from having two warm and sunny days in a row.  Miss Sadie was up and over the nearest hill before the Cowboy finished sniffing the fox tracks.

The Cowboy investigates signs along the two-track

The sun melts the snow on south-facing slopes

The shady bowl is draped in fresh snow

All Squirrel Paths Lead to The Tree

Miss Sadie came back, we all went in for supper. Monday was the day we were supposed to wash our clothes, wash our clothes . . . but we were distracted by the sunshine and never got the job done. We’re off. Hope you’re having a fine Valentine’s Day.