Dire warnings

Posted on January 12, 2012


Possibly I should be over at the Eastport Market stocking up on candles, firestarters, batteries . . . and treats. But here I am, bravely blogging on so that all you snowbirds can have the latest snow report from Torch Lake Township.

There isn’t any.

Not yet anyway. And on top of that it is practically balmy out there. This morning the Duo and I wandered around down on the beach with no hat, no gloves, and an open coat. OK, that was just me. The Duo kept their coats closed. What the heck? you are wondering. Miss Sadie too.

The radio weather forecasters assure us that there is a 100% chance of snow beginning any minute now. Or maybe it will start out as rain but it will definitely become snow. Eventually. (I don’t do television. Perhaps you are watching an ominous swirly thing move across Lake Michigan as I sit here blithely blogging, but I am blissfully oblivious.)

So far what we have is fog. Must be an election year.

I will be sure to update you—assuming that I am not buried under an avalanche.  We are not overly concerned.  A little disheveled perhaps, but we have been rolling about in political rhetoric.  OK, that would be the Cowboy.  Miss Sadie and I managed to avoid most of it.  So far.  We suspect that the avalanche is coming.

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