An odd sort of winter if you ask me

Posted on January 3, 2012


January 1.  Rain.  Rain.  Three fat snowflakes flying sideways.  Wind.  Wind.  January 2.  Snowdust on the deck.  More wind.  Lots of snow somewhere last night, but not here.  I didn’t even bother to sweep off the deck and the steps this morning before trotting across the road for the paper.  No real snow but lots of real cold.  Grouse, grouse.  Off to the Elk Rapids Library.  Grouse just once – can’t stay cranky sitting on that porch.  Glance out the windows and see a gladsome thing.  Kids sliding down the library hill.

Well, that turned my whole day around.  It was like Dorothy landing in Oz – all of a sudden everything was in color.  The harbor was looking very nautical in red white and blue.

There were red, red berries on the hedge at Bodywise.  I can’t choose.  You get two berry portraits.

I found a nice lavender house to add to my Colorful Houses collection.  Someday I must do a complete slideshow of those.

So it is an odd sort of winter, but the little kids don’t care.  They’re having a good time sliding on half an inch of snow.  Four books demanded to come home with me from the library.  Who knows where that will lead.  And Miss Sadie and the Cowboy assure me that it’s perfectly good walking weather.   We’re going to go see whether they’re right.